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A snow melt system is set up outside of the home to reduce the amount of snow in the area. It can help reduce the maintenance required to clear snow and reduce the risk of injury from slipping, falling, or hydroplaning on ice.

Beat the Chill with a Snowmelt System

Common places where you would put a snow melt system are sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. Putting these systems in place is a great investment for a private landowner or a commercial property to make an outdoor area safer during the winter season. The system itself can be installed during the initial construction of an area or afterward as an enhancement. Cables or tubing must be installed based on a design that is established prior to installation. It’s recommended that insulation be added between tubing, but whether it’s required varies based on the manufacturer.

Invest in Winter Safety with Blue Star Heating & Cooling

There are a few different ways that a snow melt system can be implemented. The three main types include electric resistance heat, heat from a boiler, or geothermal heat. Snow melt systems have sensors that activate when precipitation is in the air and, when triggered, use heat to melt the snow that has fallen. The sensor will then deactivate when the outside temperature is above freezing, indicating that there’s no more need to heat the air. The heat limit can be set or modified based on the energy regulations in the area or neighborhood. Blue Star can help with the design and implementation of your snow melt system, making your winter season warmer, safer, and easier than ever before!

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Gustavo was very thorough. Explained everything he was doing. Friendly service and professional. Highly recommend.

Frank C

Gus and Jesse explained everything they were doing and noticed the area around my water heater was damp. After checking it, they told me to keep an eye on it rather than recommending immediate replacement. I have already recommended them to friends.

Katherine S

Excellent service.

Sorin P

Gus responded within minutes and came to work on the project same day. He was very honest and thorough with the details of what he was doing. He also explained some tips and what to watch out for when maintaining the ac unit.

Alex R

Very nice, very helpful, very knowledgeable, and went that little extra to make you feel special. Thank you.

David D

Very professional and prompt. While conducting the cleaning(which there was quite a lot of dust and debris) of furnace, Gustavo discovered that a bird had flown into it and that was causing furnace from not starting up. Now I know the issue and what to do it prevent further issues. Thank You Gustavo

Bryan B

Strongly recommended

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